I arrived safely in Albuquerque Wednesday afternoon from Houston. On the way, we could see the large wildfire closest to Houston. One friend had emailed that her sister lived near that fire. I took photos from the plane.

Flying into Albuquerque, I also took “landscape” pics from the plane of the lovely storm clouds over the Sandia Mts. Our Sunsport van driver talked about summer “monsoon” weather here. You can be certain, however, that there’s no associated flooding in this high desert region of over 5,000 feet elevation. The rains were also over. The clouds were still a most welcome sight to this overheated Texan, and the evenings are cool. No AC needed!

I decided to stay at the Route 66 Hostel until Monday. I happened upon a photograpy exhibit opening today, “Re-Imagining American Identities,” at the UNM Art Museum that includes WPA photographers such as Dorothea Lange. In fact, there is an extensive photograpy collection at the Van Deren Coke Gallery in the museum.

Yesterday, I ate lunch at a small coffee shop close to the hostel (another hosteller told me about it). I had a delicious cup of thick, creamy chicken-potato soup. Something about travel must generate extra amounts of hunger!

I read about some local events and went right over to the nearby ABQ Main Library’s “International Literacy Day” program–just a few blocks away.

There were author readings, book displays, readers’ theatre, and a student chamber music performance in the library’s auditorium. Also free book giveaways.

I listened to poetry and prose readings, talked with authors, sat in on the last part of the concert, and picked up two free books afterwards, Stories from New Mexico Villages by Abe Pena. I’ll donate one to the hostel.

Too bad I’m not travelling even lighter–there’s a book sale at the library tomorrow at $5 per bag!

This morning, a fellow hosteller shared her breakfast of a red chilies, cheese, kale, and sprouts omelet, made from fresh produce from a local food co-op. I shared H.E.B. cinnamon coffee and condiments.

Mmmmmmm. Eating while travelling is like going on an extra tasty picnic!

That’s all for now. I need some rest after staying up ’til 7 a.m. Wednesday and slept maybe one hour after accomplishing final travel and moving chores.

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Retired intercultural educator & speech/English faculty; traveller to China, Europe-France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Mexico (who's lived in China & Bulgaria); lover of books, poetry, film, narratives, music & art; sometime book reviewer; and Austinite (Texas, U.S.A.)
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One Response to Arrival

  1. Pat says:

    Its good to hear you arrived safe and sound. I’ll be following your adventures with interest.


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