Saturday All Day

First, I went to a farmers’ market and arts & crafts sale (“We Art the People Folk Art Festival”) in Robinson Park, a small park just down the street from the Route 66 Hostel.

I bought a small pepper (like green & red “bell peppers”) purple on the outside and green inside and very crisp. Plus some small plum tomatoes (red, pink, and yellow).

I also bought cards by Jean Taylor Casson made from her photographs. She was a person with good stories, personal humility, and kindness. I enjoyed talking with her and a young man who drove his bright red motor scooter right up to her table under an enormous tree.

The tree itself was amazing and looked like an old Cottonwood. I took photos. This beautiful old tree had deep-deep rivulets running through the bark and branches that twisted and turned in odd shapes, reminding me of a large wood/metal sculpture I’d just seen at the UNM art museum exhibit the night before. (I’ll post photos of both later.)

Afterwards, I did laundry at a bright, many-windowed laundromat conveniently located just across the street from the hostel. I walked to a grocery about 5 blocks away for soap, a pleasant walk through a residential area designated “Old Town” Albuquerque, complete with a copper sidewalk plaque.

So, I’ve come home to the hostel a bit tired and made my supper of tidbits brought along, bought while here, or “gifted.” One woman in particular, Ann, has been more than generous sharing her food bought from a local health food store. She’s been here for a New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics program for students and graduates of Swedish massage, reflexology, cranial-sacral, polarity therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, pregnancy massage, and myofacscial release, etc.

There’s a nice bit of “gifting” exchange going on here, though the hostel managers also mentioned that some of their utensils, especially spoons, “had legs” (walked off with some of the hostellers).

On hearing this, I replenished the hostel’s supply of spoons and a few more kitchen implements bought for just $3 from the St. John’s Thrift Store a few blocks away yesterday. The woman at the Thrift shop was the one who told me about today’s market/art show. She has a daughter living in Austin.

So, thanks to my purchases and guest contributions, for tonight’s dinner, I made a tuna salad with sweet red peppers–the kind that look hot, but aren’t–fresh cilantro, green onion, smoked tuna on crispy iceberg lettuce with cocktail sauce with mayonnaise, dill, herbs and and dabs of Louisiana hot sauce.

Eating while traveling is a picnic all the time–part of the adventure!

No special plans for tomorrow.

Monday, I’ll be on a commuter rail from Albuquerque to Santa Fe for the amazing price of just $3 for seniors!

Then on to Taos, before going to my brother’s place built on a mountainside near Ohio City, Colorado. I expect this will be the coolest climate yet.

I’ve cooled off considerably already from the extreme Texas heat. It rained here yesterday and there were puddles left over today–about as much rain as you could expect from a high desert area. Certainly more than I’ve seen in six months or more. Clouds did build up in the late afternoon today, but no rain.

I’m looking forward to the Rail Runner ride Monday through the open mesa countryside and distant mountain views between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

We Art the People Folk Arts Festival Giant Puppets


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