Arrival in Taos, Dinner Party

The bus stops briefly in Dixon, a small town just outside Taos, before dropping me off at the Taos Post Office at the edge of town. By this time, it’s after 7 p.m. and the sky darkening.

My cell phone doesn’t work. The only other person at the P.O. is using the pay phone. I’d talked first with Carole by phone from the Santa Fe bus and train terminal, when I was misled by the schedules. Then, I’d called ahead from the casino about the two-hour “layover.” Now, I was trying to call to say I’d finally arrived. A drive-by postal customer lets me use her cell to call Carole.

Carole arrives and we drive directly to a party-in-progress at a home not far from the Post Office. All-in-all, the party is a lovely introduction to all things mystical and Taos. What gradually becomes clear from party talk is that the partygoers were (unofficially) an assortment of different types of astrologers–Vedic, Western, Asian and others.

The astrologers were all more or less off duty as partygoers, however. No one was doing anyone else’s “charts.” Except for one non-astrologer teased and told things about himself in astrological terms by the others, who’d say things like, “Oh, that’s because your seventh house is in . . . “

A long table holds a series of natural flower centerpieces and provided informal places to sit and eat. And the food is delicious! There’s homemade pesto, a quinoa “pesto,” a large cooked bird (turkey, chicken?), salads, beans, casseroles, and plenty of wine and beer.

The desserts are the best—rich brownies, ice cream swirled with a homemade sorbet-like fruit sauce, whipped cream with raspberries, and a homemade apricot pie.


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Retired intercultural educator & speech/English faculty; traveller to China, Europe-France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Mexico (who's lived in China & Bulgaria); lover of books, poetry, film, narratives, music & art; sometime book reviewer; and Austinite (Texas, U.S.A.)
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